A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

3D remaster of 2004 adventure game 'Enclosure' by Femo Duo Entertainment.


You are Mike Goodman, joining a mission to investigate mysterious activity at an arctic base. Needless to say, horror ensues.


Sierra-style AGI text parser adventure game in a new 3D engine:

  • move Mike using arrow keys or the numpad (tap to move/stop)
  • type in text commands ("look", "open door" etc.)
  • Enter to progress dialog
  • See README for full list of controls


  • Talk - talk to all characters until you've exhausted their conversations (F3)
  • Observe - ask Mike to look at anything that stands out
  • Explore - walk inside and outside the station to discover all the locations
  • Helicopter landing - align wheels inside the landing platform (F9 to retry)!


Also available on Steam!

Copyright © 2022 Mausimus and Femo Duo Entertainment. All Rights Reserved.

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars
(7 total ratings)
Made withMagicaVoxel, SDL
Tags3D, arctic, Horror, Mystery, Pixel Art, Remake, Retro, Spooky, Text based
Average sessionAbout an hour


Enclosure3D-Windows-1.2.zip 17 MB
Enclosure3D-Linux-1.2.tar.gz 18 MB
Enclosure3D-MacOS-1.1.zip 18 MB
Enclosure3D-RaspberryPi64-1.1.tar.gz 17 MB

Development log


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Is there no way to send you some bucks for this amazing achievement?

Amazing, amazing work.

Was the original version made in AGI Studio and remade in Godot using your RVX framework? Or is there a way to easily have AGI projects support RVX?

I had so much fun playing your game. The end was fantastic!

Just finished! The last day was so intense I'm still shaking. Good work! (I had to take a look to the walktrhough 2 times, sorry for that)


Amazing work! I'd love to see this engine deployed on Quest For Glory! Do you have a git hub where you post updates to this engine?

Thanks very much! Yes the github link is https://github.com/mausimus/rvx

Thanks so much! I'll take a look to see. I'm a small time developer myself and I'd love to help port this engine to other titles but I'm sure you know time is always a hard factor to come up with! Hopefully soon I can offer something more substantial too! I love the title


Amazing work! The 3D effect is really well done and enhances the whole experience! Hope this eventually gets released as an engine that can remaster all the great Sierra AGI games!

Thank you, I'd love for that to happen but it'll need community support, there is *much* work involved.


This is sweet.  I just got started with the game and mixed with your ShaderGlass for a combined effect. Nice work! 

Approved! Thanks very much!


What a marvelous achievement, I'm really astonished about how you managed to create that 3D-effect but still keep the overall feel and aesthetics of the original game. Tremendous work! I look forward to play it.


Awesome, thanks very much - and enjoy!